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New Patients

Welcome to E.P.I.C. Chiropractic in Lexington! When you visit us for the first time, you’ll be enveloped in our peaceful environment. With K-Love contemporary Christian radio playing and soothing turquoise painted walls, you’ll know that you’re in a different kind of health care practice! Here, you’ll feel welcomed and loved, and invited to ask any questions or discuss concerns you have.

The First Visit

You’ll be met with a smile and friendly greeting. We will give you some paperwork to complete if you haven’t done so already. Next, you will be brought back to the exam and X-ray room. Dr. Rick will ask you some questions to get to know you better and determine what’s brought you into the office. Your responses to some of the questions will help to determine if our practice is the right fit for you.

If we decide that it is, you can expect the following:

  • X-rays will be taken if necessary.
  • Treatment will begin to start the healing process. Though not a full chiropractic adjustment, the treatment will focus on your area of complaint.
  • Various therapies will be provided such as stretching, range of motion exercises or passive modalities (e.g., intersegmental traction or TENS unit).
  • We will walk you to the front and get you scheduled for the report of findings visit.

Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment.

The Second Visit

When you return for the report of findings, Dr. Rick will sit down with you in the adjusting room. He will let you know what he found and provide his recommendations for care. By this point, one of our staff members will have verified your insurance. Chiropractic care moving forward will be based on your individual needs. Dr. Rick will adjust you and provide any active or passive modalities or whatever therapy is necessary to address your complaint. Your journey to health has begun! This appointment takes about 15-30 minutes.

Subsequent Visits

We always try to be respectful of your time, so these regular appointments take 15-30 minutes unless you’re getting a massage for example. It’s our goal to keep your visits not necessarily as short as possible but long enough to get everything we need to get accomplished done.

Patient Education

To provide patients with an understanding of how the body functions, Dr. Rick has many educational posters in the adjusting room that he reviews with each patient during the report of findings appointment. He also holds monthly classes on a variety of topics such as purification, maintaining health during the holidays and using essential oils to get through cold and flu season.

Start your journey to better health by booking an appointment today!

New Patient Center | (859) 255-3777