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Nutrition in Lexington

Patient looking at supplementsWhen Dr. Rick’s wife was diagnosed with celiac disease, he began to research more about how diet can be used to manage various health conditions. He became passionate about helping others who are experiencing less-than-optimal health or serious health challenges to feel better and be better. Currently, he is pursuing certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

The Body’s Regenerative Ability

Did you know that if we give our body the nutrition that it needs, it can heal itself? Here are some of the remarkable ways that it can regenerate itself:

  • Every 120 days the body creates new red blood cells.
  • All the cells in the liver are changed over every six months.
  • We get a new stomach lining every four days.
  • All of the cells in our entire body are changed every seven years.
  • We get new skin cells every two weeks.

An Emphasis on Whole Foods

One of the best ways to nourish the body so we can live healthier lives is by eating whole foods. Because it’s easy to get in a rut in terms of our meal repertoire, Dr. Rick encourages patients to eat one or two fruits or vegetables that they haven’t tried before. He’s had patients who were reluctant to try new foods, but when they came back a week later, they marveled at how much better they felt.

We also encourage patients to shop the outside of the store where fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food choices are found versus the aisles where you’re more likely to find processed food laden with preservatives.

Standards Process® Supplements

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we don’t always get the complete whole food nutrition we need. That’s why we offer Standard Process products which are of superior quality.

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